360 Degree Feedback

Marshall Goldsmith | Methods of Behavioral Change

Learn about the importance of feedback loops and 360-degree assessments and how they can be applied to the process of behavioral change.


“One thing I do with all of my clients is conduct 360 degree interviews. I interview their managers. I interview their peers. I interview their direct reports. Often I interview their friends and family members. These interviews give me a feeling for a few things. One, what are their strengths? What are the things they’re doing really well? Two: What are their challenges? And I’ve also changed this process to incorporate the environment to incorporate triggers. When I interview people now about their manager, for example, I might say, “What are this person’s strengths?” We can write it down. “What are this person’s challenges?” “What does a person need to improve?” Then I also ask a couple of new questions. I say, “What are the situations that bring out the very best in this person?” “What situations bring out the worst in this person?” By asking these questions, I began to understand the impact of the environment, the impact of triggers…”