Methods for Business

Investing in people yields the highest returns

It’s time to invest in the people of your organization. There’s no better way to empower your team and organization than by giving them complete access to the collective knowledge, experience, and methods of the world’s top leaders.

Methods can help skyrocket your organization by teaching skills for leadership, management, productivity, cooperation, innovation, and much more.

In addition to the extensive interactive courseware, workbooks, assessments, reviews, and supplementary material that Methods provides to individual users, Methods for Teams offers a wide array of additional features to ensure that your organization reaches its maximum potential.

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Premium Resources Designed to Help You Manage Your People

Training Calendars and Assignments

Specify what materials members of your organization must complete and set customizable deadlines and requirements such as requiring reviews or repeats of specific course materials.

Admin Dashboards

In our comprehensive dashboard, administrations can have full access to what, when, and how each user or group of users completes course material to ensure that your organization is reaping the full benefits of Methods.

Priority Access to Leaders

Want a Methods leader to visit your organization? Our Methods for Teams customers have priority access to schedule appointments with any leader on our platform.

Personal Support Line

Get a dedicated Methods support team member to ensure that your organization receives expedient help and service whenever you need it.

Additional Features


After successfully completing specified courses, members of your organization can receive certifications to showcase their newfound knowledge.

Learning Paths

Methods provides customized guided learning paths through our interactive courseware depending on the specific needs of your organization.

Group Segmentation

Segment members of your organization into specific groups and administrators so you can ensure the right people have access to the right material, resources, help. and management.

Event Triggers

Administrators can be notified when custom events occur, such as when all team members complete an assessment, when a specific answer is provided by a team member, or when a team member logs in.

Discussion Boards

Allow team members to engage in open discussions on our platform to spur critical thinking, apply novel concepts, and further solidify course material.

Role Customization

Define who has access to what course material, reports, and administrative capabilities depending on their role in your organization.

Custom Reports

See how each member of your organization is progressing. View their assessments, certification complements, completion of training expectations, and other key metrics in customizable reports.

Internal Messaging

Communicate efficiently with other members of your organization through our internal messaging system.

Custom Branding

Customize the theme of our online learning platform to include your organization’s branding to ensure a seamless transition into Methods for all users.

Personalized Assessments

We will personally develop customized assessments to fit the needs of your organization to ensure that your team members are getting the most out of the invaluable content on Methods.

Q&A with Leaders

We periodically submit questions exclusively from our enterprise customers for Methods leaders to answer.