Lessons of Leaders, for Leaders

Top CEOs, the world’s leading executive coaches, best-selling authors, and acclaimed professors; these are your mentors on Methods. Here, they offer a vast curated collection of their collective knowledge, experience, and insights to help you become the best leader and the best you possible.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

World Champion in Project Management

Alex Lazarus

Coach, Facilitator, and Change Agent

Asheesh Advani

CEO at JA Worldwide

Chester Elton

Co-founder of Culture Works

Eric Schurenberg

CEO of Mansueto Ventures

Hortense le Gentil

Esteemed Leadership Coach & Founder of JAY Consulting

Marshall Goldsmith

Founder of the 100 Coaches

Martin Lindstrom

Branding Expert

Peter Bregman

Best-Selling Author & Leadership Coach

Dr. Raj Raghunathan

Professor & Author

Sally Helgesen

World’s Premier Expert on Women’s Leadership

Sarah Rapp

Global Alumni Community Manager

Upcoming Methods Leaders

Alex Lazarus
Leadership and Team Coach
Behaviour Change Scientist

Alexander Osterwalder
Co-Founder, Strategyzer

Alisa Cohn
#1 Startup Coach

Ayse Birsel
Author, Design the Life You Love

Carol Kauffman
Harvard Medical School Faculty
Founder, Institute of Coaching

David B. Peterson
Director of Google’s Center of Expertise

Fiona Macaulay
Professor of Entrepreneurship,
Georgetown University

Himanshu Saxena
CEO, Centre of Strategic Mindset

Julie Carrier
Emmy-Nominee, Girls &
Youth Success Coach

Louis Carter
CEO, Best Practice Institute

Mark C. Thompson
#1 CEO Coach
NY Times Best-selling Author

Neelam Verma
Communications Coach
Former Miss Canada

Praveen Kopalle
Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Sanyin Siang
Founder, Coach K Leadership &
Ethics Center at Duke University

Tasha Eurich
Organizational Psychologist
Best-selling Author