That was until recently. Thanks to innovations in video and internet technology, e-learning has become one of the most viable, and certainly the most sustainable, form of training and coaching out there. 

Online programs save companies time and money by sending their managers not to some cross-country conference with a hefty ticket price and lodging costs but instead to a web address, accessible right from their desk, always at their convenience. In addition to this, the replicability of online training — where learners can watch the same exact material again and again to ensure their understanding of it, whenever they want, as often as they want — is something that is just simply impossible with traditional in-person training.

While the benefits of leadership training cannot be overstated — or even completely quantified — here are the top three reasons why growing your managers with a leadership development program is crucial for any successful company:

1. Personal Growth

As a manager, you have to lead people, but as it’s commonly known in the leadership sphere, one must lead themselves before leading others. In order to be a truly effective manager or leader, you must be self-aware. Self-awareness comes only from examining your worst behaviors and traits and working to fix those. Like Marshall Goldsmith says, the trouble isn’t in finding who you want to be, it’s becoming that person. With leadership development programs, managers will be able to see themselves in a new light and understand how they can be the best people they can be, in order to be the best managers they can be.

2. Company Culture

Culture is the lifeblood of any organization, and the lynchpin on which the function (or dysfunction) of a team rests. In companies with a strong, positive culture, employees are happier, feel more psychologically safe, and produce better work at a faster and more efficient rate. People want to come to work for the company and feel happy to do so. They feel welcomed and embrace the friendly and cooperative atmosphere of their job. So, how does one go about creating this kind of dynamic culture? It all starts with management. If the leaders of a company aren’t exuding the tenants of your company’s stated or desired culture all day every, they’re doing a severe disservice to the employees and company at large. It is absolutely imperative that managers are well-trained in the areas of culture; when managers are aligned personally with the company’s culture, that will inevitably trickle down to each and every employee, up and down the organizational chain. Leadership development programs can help managers understand what they can do to create, sustain, and embody the culture so they can drive the highest levels of performance and  job satisfaction from their team.

3. Bottom Line

Perhaps the most obvious of them all, or perhaps not, leadership training’s ultimate benefit (when done well) will be to the company’s bottom line. Although most companies will say their mission is to help “X initiative” or “bring more X into the world” or any other fluffy platitude, the truth is that, pragmatically, the goal of any business is to profit and thus continue onwards. When the managers and leaders of your company are well-trained, and do their jobs well, they better manage their teams, which in turn creates higher performing employees and an overall higher sense of job satisfaction. Because of all the other reasons listed above, leadership and management training help increase a company’s bottom line so they can be more successful and profitable in the long run.

Now, these are just some of the multitudinous benefits to leadership and management training, as their positive effects can positively not be overstated. The overarching theme here is that training is good, and good training is even better. And what determines good training? The METHOD in which you do it. 

That’s why we’ve created the world’s first and only leadership development platform featuring the world’s top executive coaches, thought leaders, and management trainers from Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches legacy initiative. Methods features a wide breadth of talent and topics for virtually any manager or leader looking to improve in any number of areas. Our one stop shop provides training, reporting, certifications, and community features, all designed solely to aid in the learner’s retention and comprehension of the material. Sign up today!

No matter your line of business, the importance of leadership development is not something to scoff at. If you want to improve your management’s skills, create and uphold a positive company culture, and improve your company’s bottom line, you need to invest in management training today.

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