The Secret to Happiness

Dr. Raj Raghunathan | Methods for Happiness at Work

Fulfilling basic needs is a prerequisite for happiness at work. Ensuring that each of the domains of basic needs below are fully satisfied should be highly prioritized in any organization.


“In my methods of productivity through happiness course, I introduced the La Bamba model, the five critical determinants of happiness at work B A M B and A. The first B in Bamba stands for basic needs. We can’t be happy at work unless our basic needs are met. There are three main types of domains, as I call them, of basic needs: physical needs, emotional leads, and mental needs. Regardless of our state of happiness, we need our basic needs fulfilled even at the level of a country or a state. It turns out that fulfillment of basic needs is critical for happiness. The first domain on basic needs for happiness at work is physical needs. This represents three subdomains: physical safety, physical comfort, and physical health. Physical safety. It can be difficult to be happy when in physical danger at work, such as a police officer in a particularly dangerous neighborhood or a factory worker who’s inhaling noxious gases to create jewelry. In these situations, it’s difficult to be happy. This seems pretty straightforward, right? Okay. Physical comfort. Now, if a work environment isn’t comfortable, the people in it are not going to be happy. For example, if you are in an excessively loud office near a busy fire station or you’re in a role that involves standing for long periods of time with little or no opportunity to sit, you’re not going to be happy. The need for physical comfort also includes things like adequate…”