WICHITA, KAN — Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches, the official Marshall Goldsmith leadership and management training system, released a new Executive Coaching certification. The Methods for Executive Coaching certificate requires learners to complete 15 courses from three top-tier coaches including Marshall Goldsmith, Peter Bregman, and Dr. Raj Raghunathan. Learning will take place online via Methods’ robust interactive learning experience which mirrors in-person coaching.

Behavioral change, productivity, and finding happiness at work are among the required courses for certification achievement.  The actionable training includes how to handle tough conversations, how to identify and correct negative behavior patterns, how to achieve autonomy at work, how to discover the self-limitations that are holding you back and more. 

“With the influx of upskilling happening in almost every business industry, we wanted to provide a dedicated pathway for executive and business coaches to further grow their leadership and management coaching skills,” said Eloy Mendoza, VP of Sales and Marketing at Methods of 100 Coaches. 

In addition to achieving certification, learners will also earn 8.5 Personal Development Credits towards their SHRM recertification requirements.

Methods also offers certifications in a number of other areas, including women’s leadership, team development, project management, productivity, and more. Equipped with these certifications, learners can fill their toolbox with a variety of skills and be well-versed in different areas of leadership and management. 

These certifications are an excellent way to show skill growth in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace and can help learners stand out from the crowd. 

About Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches:

Methods of 100 Coaches is an online leadership and management training system in partnership with Marshall Goldsmith and the 100 Coaches network. The mission of Methods is to share the collective knowledge of the world’s greatest leaders with the world’s most influential people such as current and future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and self-starters who can make a positive impact on society. For more information, visit https://methodsof.com/.

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