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WICHITA, KAN — Managers and leaders seeking business management training to help them improve their business can access the new Leadership for Good Training Suite from Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches. 

Leadership for Good Training Suite consists of ONLY Marshall Goldsmith courses and provides an alternative to the full Methods of 100 Coaches training which includes Marshall Goldsmith plus courses from the 100 Coaches. 

The Leadership for Good Training Suite includes 10 plus hours of Marshall Goldsmith courses which include workbooks, surveys and toolkits that can easily help managers improve their skills.

Trying to improve business performance as a leader can be daunting without the proper training. Managers can struggle to connect with their teams, retaining talent becomes an issue and the business bottom line can be negatively affected due to lack of training. 

Marshall Goldsmith has helped thousands of business executives and managers become better leaders which helped them improve business performance. Through the new Leadership for Good Training Suite, Marshall Goldsmith will teach individuals seeking to improve their leadership skills his methods. 

“Managers in all industries are lying to themselves if they don’t believe they need to improve their leadership skills. We understand the pressures of day-to-day management and the lack of time for them to go to traditional training workshops,” said Eloy Mendoza, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches. “We created the the Leadership for Good Training Suite because it provides 24/7 on-demand training that anyone can learn from as their schedule permits. The training provides interactive one-on-one video training from Marshall Goldsmith and it is not everyday you get to learn from the top business executive coach the world has seen in the last 30 years.”

This training suite is the only place you can get all of Marshall Goldsmith’s content in one place, and provides a clear pathway for leadership development for managers, coaches, and business executives looking to improve their leadership and management skills. The training utilizes Marshall’s experiences and ideas from his New York Times bestselling books including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Triggers and MOJO

Marshall Goldsmith’s Leadership for Good Training Suite is only $9.99 a month (billed annually). Leaders looking to upskill can get access to the training at


About Marshall Goldsmith’s Methods of 100 Coaches:

Marshall Goldmsith’s Methods of 100 Coaches is an online leadership and management training system in partnership with Marshall Goldsmith and the 100 Coaches network. The mission of Methods is to share the collective knowledge of the world’s greatest leaders with the world’s most influential people such as current and future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and self-starters who can make a positive impact on society. For more information, visit


This bundle contains over 10 hours of instructional content from Marshall Goldsmith himself, all based on ideas and theories from three of his best-selling books. 

This actionable training suite includes five courses that teach how to master your MOJO, how to identify and correct negative behavior patterns, how to discover the self-limitations that are holding you back, and much more. 

“With the influx of upskilling happening in almost every business industry, we wanted to provide a compact, one-stop-shop for Marshall’s content for executive and business coaches to further grow their leadership and management coaching skills,”said Eloy Mendoza, VP of Sales and Marketing at Methods of 100 Coaches. 

In addition to offering learners a robust, interactive learning management system, the Lightspeed VT platform provides features for in-depth reporting, testing and knowledge checks, and workbooks along with other learning materials. 

Methods also offers certifications in a number of areas, including women’s leadership, team development, project management, productivity, and more. Equipped with these certifications, learners can fill their toolbox with a variety of skills and be well-versed in different areas of leadership and management. 

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