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What do I get with my membership?

With your membership, you will get unrestricted access to structured interactive courseware and extensive supplementary learning materials that include workbooks, recaps, assessments, transcripts, Q&A with leaders and much more . You will also have access to the new courses, tools, and resources that are continuously added to enhance the Methods platform.

Can I preview a course?

You are able to preview the content covered for each course by visiting our courses page and then selecting the course you would like to learn more about.

What materials are provided with each course?

There are workbooks, reviews, assessments, and other supplementary learning materials that accompany each course to help solidify and apply the concepts covered and to enhance your learning experience.

What if I just want one course?

Our membership plans provide access to all of our courses and supplementary tools and materials. If you just want to take one course, that’s okay too. You will still have access to all other courses and all newly released content for no additional cost!

My friend wants to join Methods too, do you have a referral program?

We currently do not have a referral program, but one is coming soon! Check back with us later to get more information.

What can I expect to learn on Methods?

With Methods, you can expect to learn valuable concepts and actionable skills to help you or your team live and lead more effectively. Methods courses will help you develop leadership skills. improve workplace happiness, increase productivity, manage your team, shift your mindset, find lifelong success, and much more.

Do you have team or enterprise plans available?

Absolutely, we do. Methods can help skyrocket your organization by teaching skills for leadership, management, productivity, cooperation, innovation, and much more. Learn more about our team and enterprise plans here.

How do Methods courses work?

Methods offers a customized online learning experience. Each course includes extensive and interactive pre-recorded video content, practicable workbooks, recaps, assessments, discussion boards, and other learning tools. Members have unlimited access to start, stop, and retake any course at any time.

Is there a time frame to complete my class?

There are no mandatory time frames to complete a course, so you can complete each course at your own pace. There are suggested time commitments and time frames that can be found on each course page.

Does my all-access membership start on my purchase date or when I enroll in a class?

Your all-access membership will begin on your purchase date.

What type of device or browser do I need to use Methods?

Our online learning platform is fully compatible with all major browsers and internet-enabled devices.

Can I download the course lectures?

Our lectures contain custom interactive content that will not function properly when downloaded. As a result, our lectures can only be viewed online.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! You can cancel your subscription anytime, simply reach out to us at [email protected]