We all love throwing the word “productivity” around like it’s the holy grail of activity, but do we actually understand how to be as productive as we can be? In today’s fast-paced world, it seems like a constant race for who can achieve the most, and rarely do we have the time to stop and examine just what it is that we’re doing—we’re usually running around like headless chickens.

What You’ll Learn:

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Personal Mastery

Here, Peter teaches you crucial skills for mastering your personal productivity and creativity, so that you can put your best self out into the world each and every day.
  1. Telling the Right Story About Yourself – 01:34
  2. Getting Out of Your Own Way – 01:16
  3. Saying “Yes” Appropriately – 01:01
  4. Saying “No” Convincingly – 02:05
  5. Knowing When to Say Something – 01:18
  6. Increasing Transition Time – 01:03
  7. Decreasing Transition Time – 01:01
  8. Managing the Tension of Relaxation – 01:35
  9. Reducing Your Forward Momentum – 01:00
  10. The Incredible Power of a Brief Pause – 00:58
  11. Seeing the World as It Is, Not as You Expect It to Be – 01:05
  12. Expanding Your View of Yourself – 00:55
  13. Recognizing Your Own Potential – 00:55
  14. Where Do You Want to Land? – 01:29

Productive Habits

This course is all about creating and maintaining healthy and productive habits that help you achieve the right mindset, so you can tackle your most important work, and stop wasting time and energy.
  1. Getting Started and Keeping it Going – 00:59
  2. Avoiding Switch-Tasking – 01:52
  3. Getting Over Perfectionism – 01:44
  4. The Value of Getting Things Half Right – 01:20
  5. Staying Flexible – 01:36
  6. Stopping in Order to Speed Up – 01:19
  7. Avoiding Tunnel Vision – 01:16
  8. Avoiding Surrender After Failure – 01:19
  9. Avoiding Paralysis – 01:12
  10. Avoiding the Rush to Judgement – 01:41
  11. Creating Your Annual Focus – 01:34
  12. Planning Ahead – 00:34

The Four Elements

Peter’s “four elements” will show you how you can become the best version of yourself using four critical principles.
  1. Choosing Your Next Move at the Intersection of the Four Elements – 01:17
  2. Element One: Leverage Your Strengths – 01:19
  3. Element Two: Embrace Your Weakness – 02:04
  4. Element Three: Assert Your Differences – 01:10
  5. Element Four: Pursue Your Passion (Persistence) – 01:15
  6. 6. Element Four: Pursue Your Passion (Desire) – 00:51
  7. Element Four: Pursue Your Passion (Ease) – 01:15
  8. Element Four: Pursue Your Passion (Meaning) – 01:07

Task Management

In this course, Peter teaches you how to break down and organize your to-do list so that it can become a done list.
  1. Deciding What to do – 0:45
  2. Deciding What NOT to do – 01:12
  3. Getting Things Off Your To-Do List – 01:39
  4. Using Your Calendar – 01:08
  5. The Power of a Beep – 01:44
  6. We Need Less Than We Think – 01:17
  7. Avoiding the Need for Motivation – 01:49
  8. Creating a Daily Ritual – 01:19
  9. Evening Minutes: Reviewing and Learning – 01:14
  10. Having Fun – 01:05

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