Team Management

Taught by Chester Elton

Building a better life starts with building a better company culture.

Work is hardly a place most people “want” to go, but rather feel they “need” to. So how do we bridge the gap so that our employees are excited to come to work? In this course, work trends expert and co-founder of Culture Works, Chester Elton, teaches you how to build a culture on your team and in your company that boosts employee engagement. He dives into the key elements that motivate people to come to work each day and the things that make them want to stay.

By the end of this course you’ll uncover the best ways to recognize your people, how to build deeper, lasting relationships, and how to create a business environment where people want to work. Building a strong business isn’t just about creating better products and larger teams, or generating revenue, it’s about developing a culture that inspires your people to take ownership so they can do their best work. — Launching 2020

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Content designed to adjust your mindset, allowing to you achieve more and live a more fulfilling and successful life.


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Learn actionable strategies for satisfying basic needs that aren’t being adequately met in your organization in order to promote the happiness, well-being, and productivity of all its members.

Complimentary Insights from Chester Elton

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