Consumer Driven Innovation

Taught by Martin Lindstrom

Learn to see the world through the consumer’s eyes and get the big picture using small data.

In this course, acclaimed brand and culture transformation specialist Martin Lindstrom illuminates how consumer driven innovation can exponentially affect a brand’s business outcomes. 

Throughout the course, Lindstrom educates you on small data, perception, rationality, and empathy, and shows us how seeing the world through the consumer’s eyes is the key to success. With his breakthrough concept of using “small data,” Lindstrom dives deep into what makes consumers tick, and how brands and organizations can better add value to their lives. This course will guide you towards innovating for the next generation of consumers, and making your brand future-proof.

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Get educated on small data, perception, rationality, and empathy, and see the world through the consumer’s eyes.


This course will take 3- 5 hours to complete while offering concepts and strategies that can be applied over months and years to afford lifelong benefits. In addition to interactive lectures, this course also includes reviews, assessments, transcripts, and self-reflection activities.


Have an innovated brand as well as, products or services while improving workplace culture to drive your organization towards growth and success in the future.

Course Intro


Irrational behaviors

Brand building

Course Journey

Getting Closer to the Consumer

Martin discovered a valuable insight about consumer driven innovation after he got a job at the Lego R&D department when he was just 11 years old.

Tapping Into the Irrational Nature of Human Beings

Humans are all deeply irrational. By better understanding our irrational tendencies, we can better modify products and services to benefit the consumer.

Understanding the Consumer’s Perspective

Take the perspective of the consumer to better understand their point of view and uncover insights into their wants and needs.

Using Small Data to Make Big Changes

The perceived importance of small data is often overshadowed by big data. However, by diving deep into small data, we can bring about big changes.

Finding a Point of Differentiation

Discover imbalances in the lives of consumers to reveal unique opportunities for growth and improvement.

Opening Your Organization to Change

Infuse empathy with the consumer into an organization to help its members embrace growth and change.

Determining Your Brand’s Purpose

Brands in the future need to have a purpose. Discover a brands purpose by understanding consumers and identifying imbalances in their lives.

Getting on the Consumer’s Level to Find Opportunities

Find ways to step into the lives of consumers to get a new perspective and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Spotting Small Data in Consumer Imbalances

Clearly identify your consumers and try to eliminate any preconceptions you have about them before stepping into their shoes. This will help in uncovering imbalances in their lives.

Removing Consumer Anxiety

Learn the process behind uncovering and implementing a no-cost solution to a problem that drastically improved Swiss International Airlines.

Thinking Big with Small Data

See the role small data has played when revolutionizing some of the world’s largest organizations.

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