Principles for Lifelong Success

In this course, JA Alumni Europe President Sarah Rapp outlines her organization’s principles for lifelong success and how they can be applied to help you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. These principles are supplemented with stories and advice from other JA alumnus who have used the content in this course to overcome their own challenges.

Principles for Lifelong Success includes in-depth examinations of concepts like persistence, inspired action, responsibility, and self-efficacy, as well as general advice for how to be your best self. With this course, you’ll learn to persevere, and get clued into the best practices of some of the world’s most successful leaders. With the organization’s more than 100 years of experience, Junior Achievement has been a beacon of leadership excellence all around the globe. This course will rejuvenate your spirit and drive you towards achieving your most ambitious goals.

What You’ll Learn:

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    1. JA’s Principles for Success – 06:21
    2. Be Clear About Your Vision, Your Purpose, and Your Goals – 12:33
    3. Take 100% Responsibility – 10:21
    4. Believe in Yourself – 09:24
    5. Develop a Positive Mental Attitude – 14:33
    6. Surround Yourself with Successful People – 10:30
    7. Consistently Take Inspired Action – 11:09
    8. Be Persistent – 13:39

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