Marshall Goldsmith’s Legacy and Fulfillment Online Course

In this course, leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith takes us through his groundbreaking concept of MOJO—what it is, why it’s essential, and how it’s the key to unlocking our success potential. You’ll learn to harness that inner spirit of enthusiasm both at work and at home in order to discover long-term meaning and fulfillment ultimately.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to maximize short-term satisfaction and long-term meaning
  • Recognize the four major components of legacy and fulfillment
  • Actionable tools to discover, regenerate, and boost fulfillment



    1. Defining Mojo – 6:04
    2. Understanding Where You Are Now – 07:24
    3. Measuring Your Mojo – 09:25
    4. Identity: Who Do YOU Think You Are? – 12:23
    5. Identity Toolkit: Forging Yourself – 10:04
    6. Achievement: What Have You Done Lately? – 08:40
    7. Achievement Toolkit: Celebrating Success – 12:24
    8. Reputation: Who Do People Think You Are? – 10:38
    9. Reputation Toolkit: Changing “YOU” or “IT” – 16:38
    10. Acceptance: When Can You Let Go? – 13:40
    11. Acceptance Toolkit: Dealing with Past and Future – 09:09
    12. Protecting Your Legacy: Mojo Killers – 15:52

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