Alex Lazarus

Coach, Facilitator, and Change Agent

Benefits of Alex’s Course

  • Understanding the current business landscape
  • Become a better leader
  • Gain wisdom from a top expert in the field 
  • Learn lifelong skills
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Alex Lazarus is a business coach and member of the Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches who specializes in media and marketing. Having worked for world-renowned companies such as Disney, Fox, and Virgin Group, she’s had first hand experience with some of the largest players in the field, which has given her unprecedented knowledge in her arena. She currently runs Lazarus & Maverick, a global network of experts and consultants in behavioral change and high-performance, who focus on how good leadership can have transformative effects on organizations.

Alex’s business acumen and understanding of the corporate matrix coupled with interest in people’s developments provide a solid platform for engaging others in transformational training and high-performance solutions.

In her current role as an Executive Coach and a trainer, Alex works with leaders, managers and teams around a variety of topics including: adaptive leadership, collaboration, sales, management skills, impact and influence, managing change, performance excellence, emotional agility, resilience, board dynamics and others.

Collective Session with Alex

Alex’s Collective Q&A session is a fun, energetic series of videos that have her answering relevant questions about personal success, leadership, and business and sales management. These videos provide an incisive look into one of the world’s greatest minds, and provide actionable tips and quick-hit strategies for success.

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