Leadership from the Inc. 5000

Taught by Eric Schurenberg

Focus on what matters for your business: your entrepreneurial mindset.

It takes three key characteristics to succeed as an entrepreneur: guts, grit, and focus. In this course, Eric Schurenberg, CEO of Fast Company and Inc Magazine, dives into each of these characteristics by presenting data gathered by Inc. and techniques for how you can improve your entrepreneurial mindset.

By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to improve your chances of success on your entrepreneurial endeavors, both big and small. It’s time to prioritize the success of your business.

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Scaling with guts


Succeed as an entrepreneur using guts, grit, and focus.


This course will take 3- 5 hours to complete while offering concepts and strategies that can be applied over months and years to afford lifelong benefits. In addition to interactive lectures, this course also includes practicable workbooks, reviews, assessments, transcripts, and self-reflection activities.


Through learning and applying actionable insights, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to improve your chances of success on your entrepreneurial endeavors, both big and small.

Entrepreneurs - The Engine of the Economy

Explore how and why entrepreneurs are the drivers of growth and development and the pivotal role they play in successful economies.

What It Takes to be an Inc. 5000 Leader

Discover the key qualities common in the most successful entrepreneurs that make them stand out from the rest.

How to Make Good Decisions in an Atmosphere of Risk

Discuss the importance of taking calculated risks in contributing to the success of Inc. 5000 entrepreneurs.

Understanding Your Impact as a Leader

Dive into actionable strategies you can use to optimize your impact as the leader of a team or organization.

Never Give Up - Learning to Lead Through Failure

Explore examples from the Inc. 5000 that demonstrate the importance of persistence through failure and the ability to pivot directions in entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurial Leadership - Ego is Not Your Amigo

Learn about the hierarchy of priorities that most successful entrepreneurs embrace.

What’s Required of Entrepreneurial Leaders

Break down what the life of an entrepreneur is really like beyond the glamorous success stories.

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