Leading with Emotional Courage

Taught by Peter Bregman

Learn to feel everything so you can do anything!

In this course, world-renowned motivational speaker, author, and business coach Peter Bregman takes us on a journey to our deepest emotional depths, revealing how to understand and use our feelings to inspire ourselves and those around us. The course explores a wide range of topics relating to emotional courage and offers simple, hands-on advice that can instantly change the way you see yourself, the world, and leadership in general. 

In his over 30 year career, Peter has proven that his unique approach to emotionally intelligent leadership drives results. He has helped CEOs and senior leaders in many of the world’s premier organizations gather the emotional courage to lead their business into success through inspired action, including, American Express, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Clear Channel, Nike, and UNICEF, among others. His recent book “18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done” was a Wall Street Journal bestseller and named the best business book of the year by NPR.

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Four elements of leadership

Gaps in emotional courage

Exercise your emotional courage


Explore emotional courage, understand and use feelings to inspire ourselves and those around us.


This course will take 4- 6 hours to complete while offering concepts and strategies that can be applied over months and years to afford lifelong benefits. In addition to interactive lectures, this course also includes reviews, assessments, transcripts, and self-reflection activities.


Develop the courage to feel a wide range of uncomfortable emotions so that you have the freedom to live and lead effectively.

Course Journey

Feel Everything, Do Anything: Understanding Emotional Courage

Developing emotional courage (the willingness to feel uncomfortable feelings) is the root of all success. If you’re willing to feel everything, you can do anything.

The Consequences of Bottling Emotions

We're often tempted to suppress negative emotions because we're afraid that acknowledging them, even just to ourselves, might overwhelm us or lead us to acting in a way that we would later regret. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

Overpowering Emotions and What to Do With Them

Unacknowledged emotions can build up pressure and overpower us if we don’t release them in a safe and controlled way.

Exercising the Muscle of Emotional Courage

Emotional courage is like a muscle that can be strengthened through practice. The best way to train your emotional courage is to actually feel uncomfortable emotions.

Embracing Mistakes and the Power of Admitting Fault

Uncertainty can be a particularly problematic emotion for many leaders because leaders are expected to have all of the answers. However, pretending that you know something can result in significantly more detrimental consequences than admitting and embracing your uncertainty.

No Pain, No Gain: Using Pain as a Tool

When we avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions, we perpetuate them and act against the best interest of ourselves and others. By diving deeply into these feelings and using pain as a tool, we can break this destructive cycle.

Complex Humans, Complex Problems: Embracing Complexity

Complex situations can result in a wide variety of different emotions being experienced simultaneously. If you do not embrace this broad spectrum of emotions and instead chose to suppress them, they can manifest in destructive ways.

Fortune Favors the Bold: Learning to Take Risks

If we approach life with a willingness to take risks, learn from those risks, and take our new knowledge and understanding to the next risk, we will be working in a much less limited framework than if we only take action when success is ensured.

Go Forth and Be Bold: Building Immunity to Risk

Strong leadership doesn’t have to manifest in big, dramatic ways. At its core, the essence of leadership is simply having the courage to show up differently than others.

Tough Decisions and Gaining Momentum

Making decisive decisions is an effective way to strengthen our risk muscles and our emotional courage. In doing so, it becomes easier to take bold action in the future.

The Risk of Honesty

Telling the truth in uncomfortable situations can have profound benefits, but will potentially result in feeling a wide range of painful emotions that require great emotional courage to embrace.

Addressing Uncomfortable Problems

As we strengthen our emotional courage we will begin to act differently than before and present ourselves in new ways. These changes are bound to spur feelings of inauthenticity, which should be felt and embraced courageously.

The Question That Can Change Your Life

Asking ourselves one question throughout the day can significantly alter our behavior and change our lives for the better.

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