Productivity Through Happiness

Taught by Dr. Raj Raghunathan

Embrace happiness as a means to becoming your most productive self.

In this course, Raj Raghunathan, esteemed professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Austin and author of “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?”, demonstrates how you can use happiness as a means for achieving ultimate productivity. This course takes a close look at what happiness is and how you can leverage the B.A.M.B.A. model, a key concept in developing a happier work life, to boost your productivity at work.

Learn what each of the five letters in B.A.M.B.A. represent and what you need to do to take control of your happiness. By the end of this course you’ll be able to identify where you can improve in both life and work to skyrocket your productivity.

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Happiness leads to success

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Use happiness as a means for achieving ultimate productivity.


This course will take 2- 3 hours to complete while offering concepts and strategies that can be applied over months and years to afford lifelong benefits. In addition to interactive lectures, this course also includes reviews, assessments, transcripts, and self-reflection activities.


Discover the benefits of a happy work environment and learn principles for achieving happiness in the workplace to improve the quality of life for you and those around you.

Course Journey

Assessing Happiness at Work

There is mounting evidence that suggests that happiness is the single biggest determinant of success at work. It is, therefore, a worthwhile endeavor to explore how we can improve happiness in the workplace.

Defining Happiness

Learn about the four “flavors” of happiness and explore ways to boost each of them in the workplace.

The Science Behind Happiness and Productivity

Happy team members perform better and stay at their jobs longer. Regardless of your rank, there are ways you can positively impact your happiness and the happiness of your team members in your organization.

Creating a Productive Workplace with the BAMBA Method

The 5 most important determinants of your happiness at work can be represented using the BAMBA model. Explore each of these in detail.

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