Martin Lindstrom

Branding Expert

Martin Lindstrom has a unique perspective. He’s widely regarded as one of the world’s top brand specialists, and for good reason. He’s helped some of the world’s foremost brands and organizations create lasting, meaningful impact for their consumers through his focus on consumer psychology, marketing, and neuroscientific research.

Born in Denmark, Lindstrom’s career began at age 11 when he was offered a job by Lego’s R&D department after a scandalous and lawyered attempt to shut down a mini-Lego theme park that he built in his own backyard. In 2000, he went on to form The Lindstrom Company, an executive coaching and leadership consulting group. He is the author of several books, including Brand Sense, Buyology, and Small Data, all of which have received widespread critical acclaim by publications such as TIME Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. In total, he’s had 7 books grace the New York Times’s best-seller list over the years—a testament to the prodigious impact his unprecedented ideas have had in the field of branding and marketing.

We’re often told that the secrets of consumer and market behavior lies in the value of big data— extremely large information sets that measure quantifiable things like profits and performance and attempt to predict trends and behavior in the marketplace. But what we miss out on is the human element—the unpredictable nature of people, and the way their lives unfold on a day- to-day basis. Martin is best known for his wholly unconventional approach of using small data to facilitate big impacts.

Today, Martin is the founder and chairman of Lindstrom Group, a leading brand and culture transformation group that operates in over 30 countries. His charisma and magnetism have given him international rockstar status amongst those who’ve worked with him, and his effervescent persona enlightens everyone he interacts with. Martin is a lightning rod for good ideas, and his natural exuberance gives life to his concepts.

Courses and Contributions

Consumer Driven Innovation

In this course, acclaimed brand and culture transformation specialist Martin Lindstrom illuminates how consumer driven innovation can exponentially affect a brand’s business outcomes.