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Benefits of Sally’s course

  • Get rid of the bad habits holding you back
  • Stretch your leadership capabilities
  • Grow your resilience
  • Learn lifelong skills
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Sally Helgesen is a best-selling author, speaker, and leadership coach who has been cited in Forbes as the ‘world’s premier expert on women’s leadership’. For 30 years, her mission has been to help women recognize, articulate, and act on their greatest strengths and help organizations build more inclusive cultures through the use of leadership programs, workshops, and coaching sessions. She is a contributing editor for Strategy + Business magazine and a member of the Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coaches Network and the New York and International Women’s Forums. She lives in Chatham, NY.




Women's Leadership and Empowerment

In this course, Sally will take you through the 12 habits and behaviors that routinely get in the way of successful women’s efforts to rise. She will give you actionable techniques that will help you break free from their constraints. You will learn to recognize and celebrate the qualities that got you where you are while simultaneously utilizing your greatest strengths in order to rise and reach your goals.


12 Habits: Conversations

Join Sally Helgesen in conversation with other leaders and speakers as they dive deeper into the 12 habits that hold women back. These talks expand on Sally’s strategies of female leadership with un-scripted, highly insightful discussions on the topics and issues that we face today.

12 Habits: Dive Deeper

In this course, women’s leadership expert Sally Helgesen dives even deeper into the 12 habits that hold women back, with anecdotes and prescient insights provided from her inimitable career. You’ll learn the ins and outs of each of the 12 habits, and how you can personally take action to make sure you’re never held back from rising to the top.

Collective Session with Sally

Sally Helgesen’s formidable career has taught her many lessons, and luckily for you, many of them are available here as quick bytes. These micro-strategies for macro-progress incisively teach you everything from preparing for important presentations to changing jobs painlessly. While Sally’s contributions to the leadership world have been most felt in the realm of female empowerment, there’s something for everyone here in this collection of content.

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