Sarah Rapp

Global Alumni Community Manager

Benefits of Sarah’s Course

  • Learn JA’s success principles for yourself
  • Experience personal and professional growth
  • Grow your resilience 
  • Learn lifelong skills
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Sarah Rapp is the former president of JA Alumni Europe, and current Global Alumni Community Manager. Her current position involves creating unity and alignment amongst all former JA Worldwide members, which combines her love of human connection and her penchant for high level management. Here, she presents JA Worldwide’s Principle for Success–a guidebook for jump starting your personal and professional success.

For over a century, JA Worldwide has stood as one of the largest youth-oriented organizations, offering education and mentorship to kids aged 5-25, all over the world. As an NGO, JA Worldwide has helped millions of students reach their potential by introducing them to hands-on, experiential learning in the realms of business, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

The organization focuses on early exposure to things that will increase a child’s “work-readiness”, and have a variety of different programs centering on different aspects of business. Their ultimate mission statement is to “Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.”

Methods & Principles for Lifelong Success

JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide spokesperson Sarah Rapp outlines her organization’s principles for lifelong success and how they can be applied to help you achieve your biggest goals. This includes in-depth examinations of concepts like persistence, inspired action, responsibility, and self-efficacy, as well as general advice for how to be your best self.


Collective Session with Sarah

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